Welcome in the world of Mistress Belgium. The dungeon of Mistress belgium is located on a stylisch landhouse. Its easy to reach between Gent and Kortrijk. Gentseweg 426 Sint Eloois Vijve 20131012_151705 Mistress belgium has as specialities all kind of Femdom. Femdom (female domination) is an intresting subject in bdsm. We, as Mistresses, National as International, own many skills and specialities, the basis is always domination. Domination to men and woman. For us, Femdom is our lifestyle, so we also do not make any concessions in whatever case.         20131012_151846 Most of our Mistresses are for 10 or 20 years leading in this lifestylel. If you are a beginner, mention this, Your first experience should be perfect build up and unforgettable. If you have advanced expierence, then you are familiar with most Mistresses. Also in this case, your parts of desire and imagination is required. Femdom, its a game for two, not a one way direction. Think of the bdsm symbol, the relationship between two individuals, the balance sheet, as should be. There a Femdom session is build on. Share your feelings and desires, there is only one goal, the balance between mistress and you as a slave. Mistress-Belgium possesses unique dungeons, each Femdom game is possible. View the subject sessions, Mistresses or rooms for more details and information. Whatever your wish or fantasie is, Mistress Belgium has it for you. Phone +32(0)474531159